October 26, 2010

Finally on the converse bandwagon

Of course only Denni from Chic Muse can inspire me to want a pair of converse kicks.
Chic is just the right adjective for this girl!

Source: Chic Muse

October 25, 2010

Vintage slip lookbook

I am dying to experiment with my black and white slips now that I have established my inspirational lookbook. I seriously love these girls' styles. Rumi is ever so famous, and not just in the blogging community. I however, relate to and love Christing's style more. If only I had a similar bank account!

October 22, 2010

Jungle cat

Source: Marie Claire, Numero

Oh to be inspired!

Source: Vogue Latin America, Tumblr, fashionising.com

Notes on eye make-up

One line makes all the difference! A flick at the corners or a thick line throughout. Gotta love liquid eyeliner!
Source: Fashion Toast, fashionising.com

Black and white emotion

Source: Vogue Paris, Vogue Latin America, The Sartorialist

Peek-a-boo lingerie

Obsessed with this sexy dressing trick that Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook has down pat. Have one of these numbers from Topshop myself and am dying to get my hands on the right tanks and blouses to get the look.

Source: Style Scrapbook, fashionishing.com

Sequins and lace

Love the minimal make-up, hair pulled back and statement accessories - all done just right to showcase the beautiful garments.

Source: fashionising.com

Athletic chic

Source: NAAG, American Apparel

October 21, 2010

Modern day Charles Dickens

Source: Marie Claire Sep 2010