November 9, 2009

Sassy ballerina

I am not too keen on the design of these Louis Vuittons that everyone is going crazy over. But Daisy Lowe's tuxedo jacket and ballerina skirt combo is to die for! The skirt is a little too frou frou on its own, but that jacket and clutch inject major sass to the outfit.

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Natalie Portman: some serious sexy

I am taking notes on her eye make-up. Are you?

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October 26, 2009

Not your everyday Chuck and Blair

(click for larger view)
Source: Elle Korea September 2009 via meester-lively image archive

October 14, 2009

Walk like a man

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Lots of love from Scotland!

Hi my readers!
I am really sorry to have been M.I.A.! I finally got a (great!) opportunity to pursue my Graduate Studies in Scotland and life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Going from a low-key, 'easy' life in Al Ain (small city near Dubai) where I had a ton of free time, to an insanely busy one in Aberdeen, Scotland where I am doing an MBA programme is overwhelming and I have had zero time for fashion so far. However, I have been skimming through just to keep updated with the latest in fashion and I am literally 10 min away from not one, but TWO Topshops here in Aberdeen. Be jealous!
I will definitely not be able to post as much and as often as I used to, but do keep visiting for more street fashion from Aberdeen as well as profiles of really cool people I am meeting!

September 18, 2009

Glamour gets daring and edgy

I'm obsessed with the risks taken in this spread! Especially love, love, love:
It's like a parallel to Vogue España's spread with Ana Barros.

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September 17, 2009

The quirky Miss Sevigny

Chloë Sevingy's understated beauty may not appeal to all. It didn't to me at first, it almost annoyed me when she exploded on to the fashion scence around 2006. But as I noticed her fashion sense, pictures from events and editorials, I was definitely attracted to her cool, casual and suave demeanor. In an industry where size maters a lot, she is very Scarlett Johanson-eque when it comes to her body image - womanly and embrace-your-curves kind of sexy.

As a fashion lover, I think it is very gutsy of her to play Nicki Grant in Big Love. Which fashionista would not cry when told to dress frumpy to play old-fashionied and uptight Nicki? It takes major balls! Her ability to separate her acting and fashion careers speaks a lot about her individuality and maturity.

To read more about Chloë, click on the wikipedia and fashionista links below.

Source: Wikipedia, Elle June '09, C magazine, Very Elle, Times fashion via fashionista

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

I wasn't really interested in watching this movie until they showed it on cable. The problem with most cable channels are the commericals, and I am used to them and don't mind them for the most part. But when a movie such as this one really gets my attention and I begin to like it, I have to watch the whole thing without interruption. So yes, I wonder why I didn't watch it any sooner for it is simply delightful!! (trying to use old school English like in the movie!)
Amy Adams and Frances McDormand fit their roles beautifully and I need to add that my respect for Amy Adams as an actress grows with every role I see her in, even Enchanted! The clothes, the settings, the tone of the movie, the music, the drama are so captivating. It even managed to make me a fan of the 30s! Lee Pace as Michael is so dreamy and the If I didn't care cover, heart-breaking.
Decor note: What really makes me love the old school interior design are the little quirky elements such as the low relief mural-like art on the walls in the living room, the wallpaper in the dressing room area and the multiple mirrors (love that they are not mounted on the wall). These really make the glamour and the colours in the rooms more interesting.

Source: imdb, allmoviephoto, The Paris Appartment