October 31, 2011

The Palermo factor

That dream

Remember that dream in Venice?
Source: Free People Catalogue

A delicate rose

Source: In Style

Candace's allure

 Source: Allure September 2011

Happy Halloween!

Blogger series: Alix

Alix's style and pictures are so whimsical and magical. I imagine her to be a quiet girl, extremely talented with a strong personality - she knows how to make her point although she gives off the shy vibe. She takes Parisian chic, adds some quirkiness, throws in some beautiful trinkets and gives the reader a pleasurable and refreshing read on her blog

October 27, 2011

Blogger series: Andy Torres

I can quite confidently say that Andy Torres's style appeals to me the most among the other bloggers' I have featured so far. Although she is very tall and has endless legs, I can copy some of her unique style elements, such as the peeking lingerie trick. My next favourite would be the one above: chunky necklaces + button downs.
I have read only nice things about this Mexican in all interviews and features done on her. It is enough to make me want to meet her in person and have a sit down at a café over some coffee and pastries discussing fashion and life. Or how to lead a fashionable life. 
You must visit her blog and see for yourself, how she reels you further and further into her world. Also check out her very enviable closet here. What I love about it is the couture and designer elements in addition to the down-to-earth-ness of her own sewing.

Blogger series: Rumi Neely

I don't care if I am unoriginal to post about this fashion blog superstar, but she's the Queen of the Fashion Blogging world as far as I'm concerned. If I had to pick my favourite everyday reads, her blog would be among the top 3. 
Despite her cool and edgy originality in dressing, there was a time when Rumi's blog bored me, and then something clicked and she was on fire again. Because my body type is the exact opposite  of hers, there is a lot I cannot copy from her style. But I can be inspired. Its probably that whole je ne sais quoi quotient that trails her pictures. 
Also, check out her appearance in Vogue Paris's blog.

Blogger series: Arielle

I wouldn't wear most of what this New Yorker does. So why do I read her blog and feature her on my own? Because she is so damn gutsy and creative with what she does with clothes. Somehow, she injects a certain British sense of fashion (aka. I'm going to wear this because "I" think its cool, I don't really care what others think) into her American style ethos. Click here to see her outfit posts yourself, and check out her super cool NY appartment while at it. 

Blogger series: Chiara Ferragni

What did I think when I first stumbled onto Chiara's The Blonde Salad?
Blondes really do have more fun!

What's not to love about this leggy, gorgeous Italian's life and wardrobe? Her movie star-esque boyfriend, the most adorable French bulldog in the world, the almost only designer items in her wardrobe... I need to stop before I decide to delete the post from too much envy.
Notes about her style: her effortlessness in combining outfits with accessories, and confidence in wearing everything she does. 
Also check out her dreamland moment with Dior here

Blogger series: Denni

The girl who convinced me to buy my first pair of converse! Seriously.
It's slightly funny that I should find this chic Parisian to 'sell' a pair of baseball shoes, but its how she wore it that did the trick. Besides this aspect of her style, I love that she is petite and yet a symbol of classic fashion with an edgy element. And who wouldn't appreciate her signature eye makeup and high bun? Such a solid style statement that only she manages to carry so well.
Je adore! More chic-ness here

Blogger series: Dylana and Natalie Suarez

These sisters make quite the dynamic duo. This hardly implies that their take on fashion and style is similar. I find it refreshing in the blogging world, that they support and complement each other so well. Staying true to their California style, the girls give their outfits the North East edge in very different ways, dressing to bring out the best in their features and bodies. Totally love it indeed!
Find out more about their lives and looks here and here

Blogger series: Karla

So fresh and so vintage! Karla makes me want to forget all about mainstream fashion and shop only vintage till I see her fresh-in-stores shoes. I love the way she combines different elements of high and low price items, as well as dated and latest looks. 
Fall in love with her here.

Blogger series: Bartabac

This girl takes tomboy chic, wanderlust, and the Spanish love for life to a whole new level. What I like most about her style - a lot of her clothes are from Spanish high street stores like Zara and Pull&Bear. Its great that she shops locally, and still manages to creat some unique looks.
Find out more about her style here.

Blogger series: Christing C.

How creative can a girl get with outfits that never involve pants? 
Learn it from Christing of Fashion Hedonism. 

What I love about the way she dresses is that it is well suited for her body and lifestyle - which by the way, I am extremely envious of! Pour over her pictures and find out about her own boutique here.

Like a Princess

I almost never post looks from the runway, the ones 'in the raw', as I prefer the more staged editorials that narrate a story. Or looks from the street worn as part of everyday life, be it a fashionista's life or any other. 
However, I couldn't resist obsessing about every detail of this dress made for the modern day princess who has a slight inclination for a risqué style. 

Source: Dior 2011 via The Blonde Salad

Coveted warm weather street style

Source: Stockholm Street Style, fashionising.com