October 27, 2011

Blogger series: Andy Torres

I can quite confidently say that Andy Torres's style appeals to me the most among the other bloggers' I have featured so far. Although she is very tall and has endless legs, I can copy some of her unique style elements, such as the peeking lingerie trick. My next favourite would be the one above: chunky necklaces + button downs.
I have read only nice things about this Mexican in all interviews and features done on her. It is enough to make me want to meet her in person and have a sit down at a café over some coffee and pastries discussing fashion and life. Or how to lead a fashionable life. 
You must visit her blog and see for yourself, how she reels you further and further into her world. Also check out her very enviable closet here. What I love about it is the couture and designer elements in addition to the down-to-earth-ness of her own sewing.

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