August 31, 2009

Sunday in the Park

"Think between the wars and between the sheets. Traditional British tweeds, simple little dresses and racy underwear appear in English country house tableaux that might have figured in Gosford Park or Atonement."

I haven't watched Grosford Park, but this is very Atonement. So romantic and little emotionally detached with a contemporary air. W magazine goes all out for some editorials. How can I ever forget the Brad and Angelina one? I would kill to posess that issue.

Source: W Magazine September 2009 via

August 30, 2009

Butterfly effect

Love this shoot for being so damn unconventional.

Source: L'Officiel March 2009 via Vain and Vapid

Shits and giggles

Source: Vogue US July 2009, Grazia Middle East, Tatler, Oliver Peoples, Spur Magazine

August 27, 2009

Hanging with the girls

These pictures remind me of times spent with my friends....getting ready to go somewhere.... all ready and just entertaining ourselves.... hanging out in comfortable silence....goofing around... Some of those times were far better than actually doing stuff. I miss carefree days!

Source: This is Glamorous, Vain and Vapid

Costume Institute Met Gala 2009

Yeah I know this is old news by now. But I was waiting to find pictures from interesting angles taken at the event and here they are, thanks to Anna and her team at Vogue US!

Source: Vogue US July 2009

City of Dreams

This is actually a great editorial because they describe a story (see right corner of pictures) . I am trying to cut back on posting each and every picture in an editorial and I have only my favourites here. Daria is such a good actress! But then again, modeling is like acting.

Source: Vogue US July 2009

Fall by Zara

Zara Fall 2008

Zara Fall 2009

Comparing Zara's Fall collection is fun! They have maintained their theme with the use of black and fur; and seem to have substituted the floral for lightweight chiffon. I absolutely love how they used a black headband and swept back hair to complement this year's outfits. Also note the Balmain-esque shoulders on the blazer. Everything seems so simple, unpretentoius and elegant. Love it all! Want it all!

Source: Zara lookbooks via fabsugar

Swedish Marie Antoinette

Source: Elle Sweden, August 2008