August 31, 2009

Sunday in the Park

"Think between the wars and between the sheets. Traditional British tweeds, simple little dresses and racy underwear appear in English country house tableaux that might have figured in Gosford Park or Atonement."

I haven't watched Grosford Park, but this is very Atonement. So romantic and little emotionally detached with a contemporary air. W magazine goes all out for some editorials. How can I ever forget the Brad and Angelina one? I would kill to posess that issue.

Source: W Magazine September 2009 via


  1. i love your website! where are you from?

  2. Thank you Adam! I am Indian, but grew up in the U.A.E. (in a small city called Al Ain, about 2 hrs from Dubai). I have lived in India for about 2 yrs before I went to college in the United States and am back in the U.A.E now.