May 31, 2009

Who's that girl?

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May 27, 2009

Lounging in style

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The fuss over Balmain

I really didn't get why everyone was going crazy over Balmain's S/S'09 collection. But over time, it really has grown on me. I don't care if I am being cliché, but Christophe Decarnin's genius is too hard to ignore.

Below are some my favourites from the collection:

The super jazzy, bling shoes

The ones everyone and their Mom loves

From left: studded vest, padded-knee jeans, LBD + belt
I love the Do It in Paris (left) and the Aussie girl's Balmain-inspired looks:
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I feel: light and feminine, but strong

I observed after flipping through magazines and browsing my fave fashion reads online, that I am very attracted to pastels and light colours (Chloe and Stella SS'09) as well as black and studs (Balmain SS'09). Very different, I know. So my goal is to come up with an electic summer wardrobe after being inspired by both.
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May 25, 2009

Fashion and Science Fiction

I love comic book movies and select sci-fi ones - it's probably the science nerd in me. You might think I'm crazy to see some connection between fashion and science fiction. But I'm not the only one thinking along these lines. Fun! Marvel comics is releasing a fashion comic named Models Inc. on Aug. 26 starring Tim Gunn. Similar to his role on Project Runway, Tim will act as the "wise one," helping to solve the crime of a young set designer murdered during New York Fashion Week — all while wearing an Iron Man suit! (Source - fabsugar) This post was was mainly inspired by Terminator Salvation. What drove me to go watch it the weekend it was released was Cristian Bale, and the curiosity to see who was good enough to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger as Marcus Wright (in that order of priority). And I came out totally smitten with Sam Worthington and girl-crushing Moon Bloodgood. As hard as it was to pick them out, I managed to compile my fave sci-fi + Marvel movie moments...


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May 21, 2009

Gossip Girl fashion: Blair Waldorf

  • I really like the sudden burst of colour (red tights, coat, dress) in Blair's otherwise neutral wardrobe.
  • I like that she's preppy without using a single polo tee. The headbands and flats add more than enough prep factor.
  • Overall, I love her feminine style, it's so different from Serena's. But my dream wardrobe is a combination of both of theirs!