May 6, 2009

Man style: Sebastian Rieck

One always hopes to get along with their best friend's fiancé. Thankfully, that was never a problem for me! Incredibly sweet, unbelieveably intelligent, funny and just so down-to-earth: could you wish for a better life partner for your best friend? Sebastian and I met in a science class and I always knew him to be 'the really sweet smart kid'; but little did I expect him to become my best friend's future husband! Oh how things pan out when people are at the right place at the right time! This German was raised in upstate NY for the most part and is now an American citizen (holla!), but everything about him and his family is so European in the most refreshing way, including his accent. Between his and my goofy foreign jokes, Sam goes completely nuts! And I don't blame her! Source:,

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