May 18, 2009

Ralph Lauren Romance

In an effort to finish up my existing supply of perfumes so I can justify buying Miss Dior Cherié, I have been using more of Ralph Lauren's Romance (old version) and it has seriously made me become obsessed with it. It's like falling in love with someone you have always known and not really seen in that light...a 'like' becoming 'love'.... It literally makes me want to fall madly in love, like the models in their gorgeous and dreamy ad campaign.


  1. Someone from the past maybe?

  2. WOW, I had to google him because I never keep track of names!!! But when I saw the picture I remembered him. HOT!

  3. Hell yeah! This is so cliche but Ryan Gosling in The Notebook - SO dreamy! He is actually a decent actor and not just a pretty face, like Leo! You should check out 'Half Nelson' and 'Fracture.'