September 17, 2009

The quirky Miss Sevigny

Chloë Sevingy's understated beauty may not appeal to all. It didn't to me at first, it almost annoyed me when she exploded on to the fashion scence around 2006. But as I noticed her fashion sense, pictures from events and editorials, I was definitely attracted to her cool, casual and suave demeanor. In an industry where size maters a lot, she is very Scarlett Johanson-eque when it comes to her body image - womanly and embrace-your-curves kind of sexy.

As a fashion lover, I think it is very gutsy of her to play Nicki Grant in Big Love. Which fashionista would not cry when told to dress frumpy to play old-fashionied and uptight Nicki? It takes major balls! Her ability to separate her acting and fashion careers speaks a lot about her individuality and maturity.

To read more about Chloë, click on the wikipedia and fashionista links below.

Source: Wikipedia, Elle June '09, C magazine, Very Elle, Times fashion via fashionista


  1. Yeah she's growing on me too. Any idea where her black jumpsuit with pink bow is from? it reminds of the louis vuitton A/W09 LBD with pink bow.

  2. The blue jumpsuit she wears in the June 2009 issue of Elle is by Armani Exchange and the purple sash is by LV.
    That's what this blog says: