September 3, 2009

Great Gwen

I don't know where to start when it comes to saying why I love Gwen Stefani....
She's just so.....COOL. I know, I sounds like an obsessed 13 yr old. I didn't understand what was so wow about her during the earlier No Doubt days...I was busy idolizing more mainstream pop folks back then....but I began to take more notice of her during her rebirth, like when she injected class into her crazy outfits and wasn't always jumping around in front of the camera, but actually talking, mostly about her L.A.M.B. launch.
Then when I first heard and saw Hollaback Girl and saw what her label looked like, I was SOLD. I think it has a lot to do with how I was changing at that time - embracing my own craziness and getting into fashion.
She is now such a cool Mom and I LOVE how Kingston is the best dressed celeb kid out there, I want a child JUST LIKE HIM. Gwen and Gavin are such a laid-back couple, but they aren't boring either; they have the perfect kind of balance going on.
L.A.M.B., meanwhile, has really managed to establish itself as being a quirky, edgy, but classic in a contemporary sense kind of label. And those adjectives describe Gwen's style also, but I like how she has kept her sense of style separate from her label, its so 'secure' of her. Be prepared for more and more Gwen on this blog. For loving her so much, I don't post too much about her, and I intend to fix that!

Source: Elle July 2009

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