September 10, 2009

Lavin window: not just a display, its art

All I can say is WOW! In addition to being an unconventional marketing and advertising plan, these quirky, crazy, cool window displays say a lot about the age that we live in. I think it's simply brilliant because it takes a work of art which is the garment itself and shows it in a whole different perspective while throwing in a bit of pop culture and drama into the show. I think it also makes the uber expensive pieces seem a little less intimidating because some of the mannequins are doing such non-glamourous stuff like laundry or are a hot mess - it really shows that fashion and well made clothing doesn't have to be only for perfect people with a large bank account; fashion need not be only about possession but also about admiring a person's design and hard work. Pure brilliance!

Source: The Paris Appartment, iwannabeahappyfew, edictive, photobucket, beatificfashion, hauteworld, jak and jil

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