September 13, 2009

Man candy: Bradley Cooper

I am smitted with this man. How original! But hey, I noticed and liked him way before The Hangover. The jerk in The Wedding Crashers, the cheating husband in He's Just Not That Into You, the womanizer-of-a-chef in Kitchen Confidential - what's not to love? I would like to see him in a more serious role though, something that doesn't focus on his looks, and even if it does, I'd like to see someone like him shown in a more sympathetic light, as in an emotional wounded guy who isn't aware of how good looking he is because he simply doesn't care. Kind of like Leo. In the meantime, I will enjoy the good looking jerk who steals money from his students and look forward to the romantic comedy he stars in with Sandra Bullock.
Style note: I am obsessed with his style in The Hangover - the all black ensemble and the stripped vest with the school boy's tie- very understated cool!

Source: artistsdirect, irishtimes, photobucket, serieslive