October 14, 2009

Lots of love from Scotland!

Hi my readers!
I am really sorry to have been M.I.A.! I finally got a (great!) opportunity to pursue my Graduate Studies in Scotland and life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Going from a low-key, 'easy' life in Al Ain (small city near Dubai) where I had a ton of free time, to an insanely busy one in Aberdeen, Scotland where I am doing an MBA programme is overwhelming and I have had zero time for fashion so far. However, I have been skimming through fashionising.com just to keep updated with the latest in fashion and I am literally 10 min away from not one, but TWO Topshops here in Aberdeen. Be jealous!
I will definitely not be able to post as much and as often as I used to, but do keep visiting for more street fashion from Aberdeen as well as profiles of really cool people I am meeting!

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  1. i love this spread. gud work