June 8, 2009

Julia Cohen, England

Pure, random, chance is what brought Julia and I together. She was one of the two 'mystery' girls to move into my and Susana's junior year appartment in college. I will never forget the sheer delight that came over me as she talked in her hurried and excited manner, all flushed from her journey in that wonderful British accent. Only 10 min later did I actually begin to pay attention to what she was saying - something about her bag being lost and how New Orleans was hot and she was so excited to be there etc. She was so attractive even after a 10 hr plane ride, complaining about her lost baggage! It has been 5 years since that day and although we live millions of miles away from each other, we couldn't be closer and more fond of each other. Julia is one of the few people who taught me the importance of communicating with your friends to solve issues when something is wrong. She is my 'partner in crime' in any activity, be it partying, getting coffee, watching episode after episode of LOST, obsessing about clothes, gossiping about boys and even working out (of all my friends, only two - including her - can keep up with me)... An MA in English Degree holder, Jules is an incredibly talented writer and it is only a matter of time until she publishes her first bestseller. She isn't as sure as I am, but you will see. Her style, I'd say is the ultimate Sienna Miller-esque Boho chic. Wait till you see her winter wardrobe! Here she wears:
  • Dress/top: Forever 21, bag: Primark, shoes: New Look, earrings: Dorothy Perkins
  • Dress: Peacocks, scarf: Durham Market, bag: Peacocks, belt: Miss Selfridge, bracelet: New Look, sunglasses: Triple S, shoes: New Look, earrings: J Madrid, freshwater pearls: her mama, rings: Israel
  • Dress: same as above, belt: same as above, bag: same as above, jewellery: same as above, shirt: Primark
  • Dress: New Look, earrings: Accessorize, rings: Israel

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