June 2, 2009

Sofia's World

Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette and the Miss Dior Cherié commercial were all the result of Sofia Coppola's creative genius. I absolutely adore her vision and a certain quirkiness that is trademark of all her creations. Her style is so simple, yet a rare kind of career woman chic. If I ever had the chance to host my fantasy dinner party, you'd definitely find her on the guest list!

Coppola in her Paris home
Her NYC appartment
Her homes are so her! Tinsley had mentioned that her appartment was a real-life and toned down version of Marie Antoinette. I couldn't agree more! Although its different from my personal style, I am so attracted to these simple interiors that are decorated with a statement piece or two. I think its because I am such a packrat and fill up all my space with stuff and more stuff, and in an effort to simplify my life and surroundings, I am attracted to designs and even people who tend towards minimalism.
Sofia's designs for Louis Vuitton

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