July 29, 2009

Decor: workspace

I am a very organized person. Even when I am procastination or sitting on a to do list for ages, I like things to have a certain order which is why a desk is very important. I can't wait to have a more permanent home where I can work on creating a productive workspace.
Of course I loved the office space in Devil Wears Prada! I would, however, add more colour and comfort in my version of it.
I am obsessed with the gold desk and the gold accessories. Who'd have thought so much gold could be elegant and not garish!
The picture on the left with the blue vase is not a desk, it could be a great place to keep a planner or a dish to hold your keys, wallet etc. The last three designs are by Ruthie Sommers via Swish and Swanky, a great home design blog.

Source: Swish and Swanky, celluloidfilmreview, this is glamorous

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