July 27, 2009

My find in the archives of Vogue India...

There was nothing very Bollywood about this photo shoot in Vogue India with Gemma Ward when I first looked at it. I thought this because there wasn't a lot of Indian costumes or elements in the styling. But upon further observing the pictures in detail, I did find that the editorial is very Bollywood in a 'western' light. It is shot on a set for a movie that is by a leading Indian film-maker, and I love the inclusion of the 'hero' and 'heroine' of the movie (second picture from the top). The whole thing is very dramatic, mythical and fantasy-like - exactly what Bollywood is made up of! And the whole juxtaposition is the where the originality of the shoot lies.
Source: Vogue India Oct 2007 via fashionising.com

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