April 19, 2009

Genius designer: J. Mendel

If you are annoyed by my "fashion tardee", you will have to forgive me because all tv shows are aired late in the UAE (it's pretty painful). I was watching the Rachel Zoe Project (Fashion Week To Die!), where she is visiting Gilles Mendel to preview his collection (Runway Fall 2008). And when he shows her the black shimmery dress (left) with the removeable skirt-like belt with pockets, I died! The strap is so sleek and has this cool silver buckle that you can't really see in the picture. While walking on the runway, the model didn't really demonstrate the best part about the outfit so I took it upon myself to make people aware of its coolness. Although late, I hope you will appreciate and covet it as much as I. I also went through the 2009 Fall collection and the skirt makes an evloved appearance. I want to die again. Source: style.com mb.fashionweek.com style-television.com

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