April 29, 2009

Jenna Randall, Houston Texas

"!!GIRL POWER!!" is a good phrase to begin with when talking about one of my best friends Jenna. Not everyone can call this seriously sharp, motivated, effortlessly gorgeous, passionate and loving girl their close friend, and for that, I am extremely grateful. From Houston, TX, this power woman is as international as can be. She did her JYA in Madrid, lived there after graduating from Tulane (which is where I met her) and now lives in Peru and just got done with her work contract at Amnesty International. There are very few people I know personally who I can look at and say "they're going to save the world" and she's one of them.
Her style, I think, can be best described as sporty boho and the details of her looks follow.
  • Picture 1: Sweater - knit by her grandma(aww!), boots - boutique in Brighton, England.
  • Picture 2: Marrakech Central Market, Morrocco.
  • Picture 4: On J: Shirt - H&M, headscarf - India. On M Madrid: shirt - boutique in Fuencarral Market, Madrid. The brand is the character shown on the shirt(cool!). Pictured in Ibiza.
  • Picture 5: Jacket - Zara, pashmina - Turkey.
  • Picture 6: Shirt - Abercrombie. Madrid, Spain.
  • Picture 7: On J: Shirt - Forever 21. New Orleans ♥

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